Fire Kills 11 Babies In Senegal Hospital

senegal hospital fire

Fire Kills 11 Babies In Senegal Hospital: A fire at a Senegalese hospital kills 11 newborns. SENEGAL’S TIVAOUANE — Outside a hospital in Senegal where 11 newborns died in a fire in the neonatal section, police were on high alert, as residents and parents stood in mourning. President Macky Sall stated only three infants could be saved before calling for a three-day mourning period on Thursday.

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How To Get Free Robux In Roblox Game Easily

How to get free Robux In Roblox Game

How To Get Free Robux In Roblox Game. Hey guys, today we will be discussing how to get free Robux in the Roblox game without stress. Robux is the premium currency in Roblox that can be used to buy exclusive games, outfits, and other items. Here’s how you can get free Robux.

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8 Best Marketing Video Maker Apps

Best Marketing Video Maker Apps

Here are the Best Marketing Video Maker Apps you can use for free. If you’re considering doing some video marketing for your company, you’re making a wise decision. According to the most recent HubSpot data, 92 percent of marketers believe video is an important part of their marketing strategy. However, creating high-quality videos is not always simple. It all begins with having the proper tools for the job.

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Best YouTube SEO Tools

youtube seo tools

Hey! Today, we will be discussing the best youtube SEO tools and how they can help boost your video ranking. It’s usually Google, Bing, or Yahoo that come to mind when you think of search engines. Despite this, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, with more than 2 billion monthly active users.

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How To Get More Views On YouTube-Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

How To Get More Views On Youtube

If you want to get more views on YouTube. Then, you should promote your youtube channel. More so, you should respond to viewer comments, create video playlists, design eye-catching thumbnails, and so on. Now is the perfect time to learn how to promote your YouTube channel.  Youtube is the second most-visited site on the web, and in an age and time when we watch up to six hours of video every day, the future is obvious.

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How To Post On YouTube Mobile-How to make a Community post on YouTube

How to post on YouTube with mobile

Learn How To Post On YouTube Mobile: Suppose you want to make a post on youtube mobile. Here is everything you need to know about making a post on youtube mobile. Users with at least 1,000 subscribers can create Community posts on YouTube. With this, they interact with their viewers in a new way.

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Facebook Retargeting Ads: Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Retargeting Ads/Dynamic Ads

With Facebook Retargeting Ads and dynamic ads, you can automatically display the correct products to people who have shown interest in your website, your app, or elsewhere on the Internet. You only need to upload your catalog and set up your campaign once. And it will work for you for as long as you need it – finding the right users for each product and always using the most current pricing and availability.

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Best YouTube Marketing Tools-Top YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube Marketing Tools

If you are a YouTuber and you are looking for YouTube Marketing tools. You are in the right place. Tontimes brings to you the best youtube marketing strategy every brand should use to promote their brands. When it comes to watching videos online, YouTube is the first destination for most people. More than 60% of online video views come from YouTube.

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