Free Bezout Mathematics Scholarship Programs for Mathematics & Computer in France 2023: Fully Funded

Bezout Mathematics Scholarship Programs: Applications are invited for Bezout Excellence Scholarship Programs for mathematics and computer from the university of Paris-Est in France without IELTS.

Bezout Mathematics Scholarship Programs
Bezout Mathematics Scholarship Programs

Bézout Excellence Scholarship Programs For Mathematics & Computer

The Bézout Excellence Scholarship Program for Mathematics and Computer in France Without IELTS 2023 is now accepting applications from international and domestic students. The scholarship allows for Master’s and Research level programs in Mathematics and Computer Science taught at Labex Bézout.

The Bézout excellence program combines courses from two existing master’s programs in mathematics and computer science (second year, abbreviated “M2”). Each admitted student is enrolled in one of these master’s programs’ tracks; interdisciplinarity is ensured by the fact that each student must pass one or two courses from the other master’s program.

This provides the opportunity to gain in-demand skills in both mathematics and computer science, which can be applied in academia or industry. Bezout Excellence Scholarship Programs!

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A mathematics and computer science track, shared by both master’s programs, is dedicated specifically to the interfaces between mathematics and computer science; all courses in this track are taught in English.

Students who choose this track do not need to take any additional courses because it is already interdisciplinary (as an exception to the previous paragraph). The Bézout scholars can also pursue other tracks in the mathematics and computer science master’s programs.

Scholarship/Degree Level – Bezout Excellence Scholarship Programs

Bézout Excellence Scholarship Program for Mathematics and Computer in France Without IELTS 2023 is available to study at Labex Bézout for:

  • Masters, and
  • Research level programs.

Available Subjects/Courses – Bezout Excellence Scholarship Programs

This Bezout mathematics scholarship programs allows you to study the following subjects:

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics

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Scholarship Benefits: Bezout Excellence Scholarship Programs

  • During the 11-month period, each scholar will receive approximately 1300 € per month (this support cannot be combined with any other financial help).
  • All Bézout master’s students enrolled in this scholarship program will have their university registration fees paid, with the exception of a mandatory 90 € (approx.) yearly CVEC fee (contribution for life campus).
  • Courses are in English and French.
  • There are more chances for the applicant to receive financial support for their doctoral degree.

Eligible Nationalities/Countries for Bezout Scholarship Programs in France

  • All Nationalities/Countries

Bezout Excellence Scholarship Programs Eligibility Criteria

  • Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or computer science and have completed the first year of a master’s or Ph.D. program are eligible for this one-year program.
  • Women are encouraged to apply in particular.
  • Recipients cannot combine the scholarship with any other financial support.
  • The applicant will only have to pay a €90 yearly fee as the campus contribution charges.
  • Lastly, applicants will have to pass one or two courses in both fields, i.e., mathematics and computer science.

How To Apply For Bézout Labex Excellence Scholarship Program

  • The application for the Bezout excellence scholarship for international students is available only online.
  • Applicants must provide information on the two professors who will serve as their referees.
  • Make sure your referee uploads the recommendation letter before the deadline.
  • The submission site is now open at
  • The application deadline is May 15, 2023 (annual).
  • It should be noted that the contact information of two professors who can recommend the applicant is required; these professors will be asked to upload a recommendation letter separately by May 15.

Note: The examination committee is the Executive Committee of the Bézout Labex.

Official websites

To apply for the Bezout Excellence Scholarship Programs click here

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