China Scholarships for international Students – Fully Funded

Do you wish to study in china? If you are having difficulty furthering your studies. There is good news for you. Here are fully funded china scholarships for international students. Walk through the list to choose the best for you.

However, if you have been wondering how to get a China scholarship? This page lists ongoing scholarships in China for international students from 2022-2023.

China Scholarships
China Scholarships

Some of these scholarships are fully funded, while others are partially funded, and they are available to both postgraduates and undergraduates for bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Ph.D., fellowships, and so on. China provides the majority of these scholarships.

Types of China Scholarships Program

The three most popular scholarships for studying in Chinese universities are:

  1. Chinese Government Scholarships
  2. Scholarships from Provincial Governments of China
  3. Confucius Institute Scholarships (the government agency in charge of teaching Chinese to foreigners)

However, there are many other scholarships available (China Scholarships), such as inter-university scholarships, scholarships provided by private organizations, scholarships provided by Chinese universities, and others provided by educational institutions in the country.

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China Scholarships Programs 2022-2023

Below is the ongoing scholarship in china for foreign students.

scholarships in China

Chinese Government Scholarships (CSC) Program 2022 for International Students

The Chinese Government ScholarshipChinese University Program was established by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to assist Chinese universities in specific provinces or autonomous regions in recruiting outstanding international students for graduate studies in China.

Since 2008, the MOE has authorized USTC to recruit full-time masters and doctoral students under the Chinese Government Scholarship (China Scholarships ). This is one of the best China scholarships you can think of.

Applications are now being accepted from qualified candidates for the Chinese Government Scholarship Program for International Students at the Beijing Institute of Technology in China.

This scholarship is given to students who begin their program in the academic year 2022-2023.

More so, CSC does not cover MBA programs, MBBS programs (MBBS scholarships are extremely limited), or programs with extremely high tuition fees. You should look into the other types of scholarships listed below.

NOTE: There are numerous websites with information about CSC scholarships. However, the Chinese Scholarship Council’s official website is

CSC scholarship students can attend one of 279 different universities. However, you can click here to see the list.
More so, to apply, you will need the agency number, which can also be found here.

For more information, see How to Apply for the CSC Scholarship Step by Step.

Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships – China Scholarships

Scholarships of this type are awarded by provincial governments, including the governments of four Chinese cities known as “municipalities under central jurisdiction” (Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, and Shanghai), which function as provinces in their own right.

These scholarships are available for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies, as well as courses in Chinese.

However, not all universities offer provincial government scholarships for all courses.

Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships cover registration fees, housing in a university residence (sharing a room and bathroom with another person), and health insurance. If you are awarded a full-coverage scholarship, you will also receive a handsome sum of money each month for personal expenses.

Jiangsu Government Scholarships

The Jiangsu Provincial Government established the Jiangsu Government Scholarship to encourage international students to study in Jiangsu. The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition, registration, lab experiments, internships, housing, medical insurance, and basic textbooks.

Beijing Government Scholarship -China Scholarships

The Beijing Municipal Government provides scholarships to international students who wish to study at Beijing universities. The scholarship covers tuition fees in full or in part and is available to undergraduate and master’s students.

Hubei Provincial Scholarships

This scholarship is available to students pursuing a bachelor’s, Ph.D., or master’s degree in any subject taught at any Hubei university participating in the Hubei Provincial scholarship scheme.

Guanxi Government Scholarship for ASEAN Students – China Scholarships

The People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region established this scholarship in 2010 to fund international students from ASEAN countries who wish to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree at one of Guangxi’s universities. The scholarship covers tuition, textbooks and other teaching materials, housing and medical insurance, as well as living expenses for one month.

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More so, there are some other China scholarships that are not government funded as listed below.

China Scholarships – Non-Government Funded

Study in China
China Scholarships

British Council China Scholarship

The British Council in China is offering seven scholarships to UK students who are currently enrolled in a UK institution and want to study at a Chinese university in the People’s Republic of China. The scholarships cover tuition, housing, and a monthly living allowance.

Confucius Institute Scholarship – China Scholarships

The Confucius Institute headquarters offers seven different types of scholarships to international students between the ages of 16 and 35 who want to study at a Chinese university. There are options for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and the scholarship covers tuition, housing, a monthly living allowance, and comprehensive medical insurance.

University-specific Scholarships to study in China – China Scholarships 

1. Biomedical Sciences Scholarships – China Scholarships

Students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science at Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh can apply for biomedical sciences scholarships (ZJE). This is available to any international student accepted into ZJE’s BSc Integrative Biomedical Sciences or BSc Biomedical Informatics programs.

This scholarship will cover either the entire or a portion of your tuition, housing, and international student medical insurance. You will also receive a living allowance of up to $17,000 (US$2,438) per year.

Schwarzman Scholars Program For International Students – China Scholarships

This is a scholarship for international students interested in pursuing a master’s degree in Global Affairs at Tsinghua University in Beijing. The course will be taught entirely in English and will cover topics such as public policy, economics, business, and international relations.

This scholarship covers tuition, housing, and transportation to and from Beijing at the start and end of the academic year. Others include required course books, US$4000 in personal expenses, and health insurance. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 28, have excellent English language skills, and hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited university or equivalent.

Scholarship Summary

  • Type: Postgraduate
  • Organisation: Schwarzman Scholars
  • Country to study: China
  • Institution: Tsinghua University
  • Course to study: Not specified
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Application Deadline: September 20, 2022

Zhengzhou University President Scholarships

This scholarship is intended for international postgraduate students who wish to pursue a full-time masters or doctoral degree at Zhengzhou University. The scholarship covers full or partial tuition fees for master’s students and full tuition and housing for Ph.D. students.

To apply,

  • students must complete an online application form, and
  • either an 800-word essay or a 2000-word research proposal for master’s courses.

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