Golden Gate University Scholarships 2023-Fully Funded

Applications are invited to apply for Golden Gate University Scholarships 2023. The GGU Scholars Award is available for up to the total cost of undergraduate tuition for eligible students with demonstrated needs.

The award is guaranteed for two years for full-time, continuously enrolled students who make satisfactory academic progress. Eligibility is based on the information provided with your scholarship application as well as the 2022-2023 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


You can study at Golden Gate University on a fully-funded scholarship. Golden Gate University Scholarships for Postgraduate and Undergraduate applications are ongoing now. So, rush and apply. Golden Gate University (GGU), an urban campus, in the Heart of San Francisco, is committed to assisting international students from the application process to graduation.

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GGU has approximately 17% international students from more than 50 countries.

Golden Gate University GGU Scholarship

  • Coverage: Fully Funded
  • University: Golden Gate University, San Francisco
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate & Postgraduate
  • Host Country: USA
  • Deadline: August 15, 2022, but varies

Golden Gate University Scholarships 2023 Description


All undergraduate students are encouraged and welcomed to apply!

Golden Gate University’s GGU Scholars Award is open from 2022-2023. GGU Scholars Award 2022-23 at Golden Gate University is now available for international students who are admitted to GGU and begin their program in Fall 2022.

The scholarships for the upcoming class have been officially announced by Golden Gate University. Golden Gate University was founded in 1901 and is still active in California, USA. More so, GGU is regarded as one of the best universities in the world today.

Golden Gate University provides such scholarships on a yearly basis to welcome new students to campus. The GGU Scholars Award 2022-23 will provide selected students with new and better opportunities, as well as exposure to advanced learning in postgraduate programs.

Available Subjects:

The following subject is available to study under this scholarship program.

  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Data Analytics
  • Psychology
  • Management

Scholarship Benefits:

For students with demonstrated need, the GGU Scholars Award covers up to the total cost of undergraduate tuition. It is guaranteed for two years for students who are full-time, continuously enrolled, and making satisfactory academic progress.

Degree Level

Golden Gate University California USA GGU Scholars Award (Full Tuition Fee) 2023 is available to undergraduate students.

Eligible Nationalities:

All Nationalities

Eligibility Criteria

  1. New students to GGU in one of these six undergraduate programs:
    • Bachelor of Science in Business
    • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
    • Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics
    • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
    • Bachelor of Arts in Management
    • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Human Skills Development
  2. Newly admitted students to GGU start their program in Fall 2022.
  3. Funding is limited, so apply early.

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When to Apply

International students are admitted to GGU on a “rolling” basis. There is no application deadline for GGU. However, students are encouraged to apply early to allow for an admission decision, Form I-20 issuance, and visa appointment as needed. It is possible that additional processing time will be required to obtain the government documents required for the admissions decision.

More so, timely submission is important for students currently living outside the United States who will need to apply for an F-1 or J-1 visa in their home country.

The following are the priority deadlines; Golden gate university application deadline:

Spring 2022 Jan 10 Dec 10 Oct 1
Summer 2022 May 09 Apr 09 Mar 09

Golden Gate University Scholarships Admission Requirements

1. Degree Requirements

International students seeking admission to a Master’s degree program must hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited US institution, or the equivalent from a recognized foreign (non-US) institution.

2. Transcripts

Applicants must submit official transcripts – as well as certified English translations – from each previous school attended. If the institutions attended do not keep transcripts, examination scores, and mark sheets may be submitted.

Chinese Academic Documents: Applicants must submit credential reports in English for transcripts and degree certificates issued by the China Academic Degree & Graduate Education Development Center, which can be found at The documents should be sent to Golden Gate University’s Office of Admissions directly.

3. GMAT / GRE Scores

Only MBA applicants are required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). GMAT score reports must be sent directly to Golden Gate University from Educational Testing Service (ETS). Admission to GGU’s graduate programs does not require GRE scores.

4. Financial Documents

All applicants intending to study on F-1 or J-1 visas must submit a Certification of Finances form. The information on this form is required by the US Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Download the Financial Certification Form. A bank letter must accompany this form.

How to apply To Golden Gate University Scholarships program

If you’ve submitted your application to GGU, apply for the GGU Scholars Award HERE. Note that the application deadline is 11:59 pm on August 15.

Application Procedure

To learn more about Golden Gate University scholarships 2023 visit the official website here.

FAQs About Golden Gate University Scholarships

What types of scholarships are available at Golden Gate University?

Golden Gate University offers a variety of scholarships to its students, including merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and scholarships for specific programs or areas of study.

How can I apply for scholarships at Golden Gate University?

To apply for scholarships at Golden Gate University, you need to submit a completed application for admission, including transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation. In addition, you may need to complete a separate scholarship application and provide additional materials, such as essays or portfolios.

When is the deadline for scholarship applications at Golden Gate University?

The deadline for scholarship applications at Golden Gate University varies depending on the scholarship. Some scholarships have deadlines in the spring or summer, while others may have rolling deadlines throughout the year. It’s important to check with the university’s financial aid office for specific deadlines.

Who is eligible for scholarships at Golden Gate University?

Eligibility for scholarships at Golden Gate University varies depending on the scholarship. Some scholarships are open to all students who meet certain criteria, such as academic merit or financial need. Other scholarships may be limited to students in specific programs or majors.

How are scholarship recipients selected at Golden Gate University?

Scholarship recipients at Golden Gate University are typically selected based on a combination of factors, including academic achievement, financial need, and other criteria specific to each scholarship.

What is the average amount of scholarship money awarded to students at Golden Gate University?

The amount of scholarship money awarded to students at Golden Gate University varies depending on the scholarship. Some scholarships may provide a few hundred dollars, while others may cover the full cost of tuition and fees.

Can international students apply for scholarships at Golden Gate University?

Yes, international students are eligible to apply for scholarships at Golden Gate University. However, some scholarships may have additional eligibility criteria or restrictions for international students.

What happens if I receive a scholarship at Golden Gate University?

If you receive a scholarship at Golden Gate University, the funds will be applied directly to your tuition and fees. You may need to maintain certain academic or other requirements to continue receiving the scholarship.

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