How to Buy FIFA World Cup Ticket

HOW TO BUY FIFA WORLD CUP TICKET! Here is everything you need to know about how to buy FIFA 2022 world cup ticket. Are you a football fan? Are you finding it difficult to buy a world cup ticket? If you are facing any challenges in getting your ticket to the Qatar 2022 FIFA world cup, you don’t have to worry. Tontimes is here with all you need to know about FIFA world cup ticket 2022. However, Qatar World Cup tickets are now on sale.

The world football governing body announced that ticket sales for the 2022 World Cup will begin on January 19, 2022. The first sales period is open until February 8th.  Reserving a seat at one of the world’s biggest shows, like any other major event, is not as simple as think. Notwithstanding, Here’s everything you need to know about purchasing Qatar 2022 World Cup tickets.

FIFA world cup tickets

The 2022 World Cup is quickly approaching, and Qatar is preparing for a historic event.

Fans are eager to get their hands on the highly sought-after tickets to the world’s largest sporting event now that the groups have been determined and a path to the final mapped out for the tournament.

So, how much do tickets cost, and where can you get them? Tontimes provides you with all of the information you need to attend the tournament.

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How To Buy FIFA 2022 World Cup Ticket

Steps to purchase World Cup tickets,

  1. you must first create an account with FIFA’s ticket portal
  2. Apply for specific tickets through the official FIFA website
  3. If you are accepted, you must pay for the ticket
  4. Obtain a Fan ID, and travel to Qatar.

In FIFA’s initial sales phase, which ended on March 29, over 800,000 tickets for the Qatar World Cup were sold. Fans from Qatar, the United States, England, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates purchased the majority of the tickets.

According to FIFA, the second round of ticket sales ended on April 29. However, ticketing allegations for this phase of sales will be conducted as a “random selection draw sales period.”

Furthermore, a final round of ticket sales will take place later this year, closer to the start of the World Cup.

To apply for World Cup tickets, go here, select whether you’re an international fan or a Qatari resident, sign in/create an account, and you’ll be taken to a list of ticket options.

You must wait after applying for a ticket or group of tickets. For the first phase, FIFA will notify fans whether or not their applications were successful no later than March 8. If you are successful, you will be given a deadline to pay for the tickets before they are lost to the next sales phase.

How Much Are World Cup Tickets For Qatar 2022?

World Cup tickets start at $11, which is less than a Messi Burger but one dollar more than the cheapest 2019 Women’s World Cup tickets. Unfortunately, the cheapest tickets are reserved for Qataris but don’t worry, the prices aren’t too outrageous.

Except for the opening match, which starts at $297, group-stage matches cost around $67.50 for the cheapest Category 3 seats and $216 for the most expensive Category 1 seats. For those with a lot of money, hospitality packages start at $950 for group-stage matches.

FIFA World Cup ticket prices

Below are the prices for each individual match. It starts with the opening match and down to the final match. However, the prices are subject to change.

Buy fifa 2022 world cup tickets
2022 world cup tickets price

FIFA has divided World Cup ticket prices into four categories.

Category one, two, and three tickets will be available to fans worldwide via online ticket sales, while Category four tickets will only be available to Qatar residents.

The above picture contains ticket prices in Qatari riyals; However, the table below shows the price conversion from Qatari riyals to British pounds as of April 2022.

Match Cat 1 2 3 4 Access.
Opening match (No 1) £470 £334 £300 £41 £41
Group stage (No 2-48) £167 £125 £52 £8 £8
Round of 16 (No 49-56) £209 £156 £73 £14 £14
Quarter-finals (No 57-60) £324 £219 £156 £62 £62
Semi-finals (No 61-62) £518 £501 £271 £104 £104
Third-place match (No 63) £324 £229 £156 £62 £62
Final (No 64) £1,223 £763 £460 £156 £156

Furthermore, if you live in Qatar, you can only pay for World Cup tickets with a Visa card. International fans can, thankfully, use other payment methods, but FIFA is going all out to promote its sponsor. You should keep a Visa card on file just in case.

Will World Cup tickets be available for resale?

Tickets will not be available anywhere other than

Only with FIFA’s written permission, which will be published in the form of a Ticket Transfer and Resale Policy, can tickets be transferred or resold.

In short, if you buy tickets somewhere other than, you risk them being counterfeit or being cancelled by FIFA without a refund.

How Do I Travel To Qatar?

If you get tickets to the 2022 World Cup, you’ll have to find out how to get to and stay in Qatar for however long you want to watch the games.

Flights into and out of Qatar are not difficult to find, with Qatar Airways flying direct to and from over 170 destinations, including 12 in the United States. Because this is not a short trip, you should charge your Nintendo Switch before leaving. Flights from New York to Doha take approximately 12.5 hours, while flights from Los Angeles take nearly 16 hours.

Will Visa Be Needed To Enter Qatar?

To enter Qatar and attend matches, you will need a visa or a Fan ID, known as a Hay’ya Card, which serves as a visa.

The Hay’ya Card will function similarly to the Fan ID for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, providing fans with free matchday travel options and other benefits.

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