How To Change Outlook Passwords – 10 New Easy Ways

How To Change Outlook Passwords? While Microsoft does not demand you change your Outlook password on a regular basis. Security experts recommend doing so on a regular basis in other to keep your Outlook account safe and secured. If you want to change your Outlook password, the good news is that it’s simple. Whether you want to change your password for your email account within the Outlook app or at Here is how to change your Outlook passwords.

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that allows you to send and receive an email by connecting to an external POP3 or IMAP email host. When you change the password on the email server, you must also change the password in the Outlook client.

How to change outlook passwords
How to change Outlook passwords

If your passwords do not match, the client will return an error message every time you send or receive an email in Outlook. You can reset your password directly from the account information settings in Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the world’s most popular email platforms. Hackers and scammers frequently target email accounts. It is critical to change your Outlook email account password on a regular basis to avoid security breaches.

However, many Outlook users are unaware of the steps required to change passwords. That is why they do not bother changing their passwords on a regular basis. This article will go over how to change Outlook passwords on various devices.

How to Change Outlook passwords in Outlook 365

Follow the steps below to change your password in Outlook 365.

  • Login to Office 365: You must use your work account to sign in.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Then, select Office 365 settings.
  • Choose Password, then
  • Click on Change password.
  • Enter your old password. Then, it will prompt you to enter a new password.  Renter the new password to confirm it.
  • Then, click save to save the new password.

How to Change Your Microsoft Outlook Password on the Web (

If you use the webmail service, changing your password is simple. Just remember that your password is the same as your Microsoft account password. Therefore, changing it once changes it everywhere.

  1. Go to your Microsoft account security page and sign in with your current password.
  2. Tap on Password security.
  3. Enter your old password as well as the new password you want to use on the Change your Password page,
  4. then click Save.
  5. When next you go to in a web browser, sign in with the new password.
How to change outlook passwords
How to change Outlook passwords

How To Change Outlook Client App Password

How to change outlook passwords
how to change Outlook passwords

If you change the password for an email account that you access through the Outlook app on your computer (such as Gmail, Yahoo, and so on), you must update the password in the Outlook app. Previously, older versions of Outlook required you to change your password in the app’s account settings; now, you’ll be prompted to do so automatically.

  1. Close the Outlook client application.
  2. Change your email password through your email services, such as IMAP, Gmail, Yahoo, or another email service.
  3. Start the Outlook application. When Outlook starts and tries to check email, it will prompt you for an updated password. When you enter it, the new password is automatically saved.

How To Change Outlook Passwords on iPhone

Below is the step on how to change Outlook passwords using iPhone.

  • On your iPhone, download the Outlook app from the Apple store, if you don’t have it already.
  • Tap on the Outlook app and
  • Click on Sign in at the bottom.
  • Now enter the updated password (New password).
  • Then, tap Sign in.

Steps ON how to change Outlook passwords on Android 

Here is the step to change the Outlook password on Android devices.

  • Tap the Outlook app.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
  • From the options, tap on Common Settings followed by Settings.
  •  hit on Account Settings and select your account
  • Lastly, tap on Password to update the password.
  • Ensure that you enter the right password which matches the email server.

Keep in mind that updating the password will take more than two hours. However, if you encounter difficulties, you can take the following steps below:

  • On the top left side of your phone, tap on the Profile Picture on the Outlook app.
  • Tap on the Settings icon at the bottom left.
  • From the many options, tap Mail Accounts.
  • Scroll down and select Reset Account.
  • Then, click OK to confirm.

However, the app will close and you will have to reopen it after some minutes to start using it.

How to Reset an Outlook Password-Outlook Passwords Reset

To reset your outlook password, follow the step below:

  1. Click the “File” tab, then locate the Account Information section.
  2. Tap “Account Settings” and
  3. Then, select “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select your email account and click “Change.” A new screen will appear, displaying your current Outlook account settings information.
  5. Now, type your new password in the Password text box. This must be the same password as your POP3 or IMAP email account.
  6. Put a checkmark next to “Remember password.”
  7. Tap “Next”, then click “Finish” to complete the process.

How to Sync Outlook With Yahoo

To sync your yahoo account with outlook, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Tap “File” followed by “Account Information.”
  3. Click “Add Account.
  4. Enter your name, Yahoo Mail address, and password in the fields provided. Then, click “Next.”Outlook will begin syncing your Yahoo Mail account.
  5. Then, tap “Finish” to complete the process.

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