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So many candidates do give out their waec pin and registration number to people to help them check their waec results. This is an old way. You can do that with your phone from the comfort of your room. However, you don’t have to worry about how to check WAEC results with a phone or computer, or how to access the WAEC result checker.

This is because this article will walk you through all the steps involved in checking your waec result. In just a few minutes you are sure to check your waec result by yourself. Thanks to this waec result checker.

How To Check WAEC Result

To Help you stop sharing your wace number unnecessarily, we have put down this post. Hence, you can now check your own results, or even check for other persons with your phone. It is simple, fast, and easy.

You may not need a browsing phone to do this. I know you may be wondering how possible is it. just relax and go through this post.

Here, we will digest everything concerning checking waec result. But, if we didn’t talk about your own, feel free to send us a message in the comment box below.


How To Check WAEC Result With Phone

To check your waec result with your phone, follow the steps outlined below.

How To Check WAEC Result

  • Go to official WAEC portal at
  • When it opens, enter your Examination Number in the space provided
  • Select the your year of examination from the option
  • Choose your exam type. Either private candidate of school candidate
  • Type in your serial number and pin as contained in your waec identification card
  • Then, tap on the submit button
  • Wait for your result to be displayed in just a few seconds.

Using a Desktop/Laptop

Interestingly, using a desktop to check your waec result is as easy as checking it using your phone. However, to check your waec result using a desktop or laptop, just follow the steps explained above. The steps are the same note the device you are using to check it.

Through Cyber Cafe – WAEC Result Checker

Whether you know how to operate a computer or not, a cyber cafe is the to help you check your waec result. this will cost you just a token. You can check it by yourself by buying time and following the process explained above.

Alternatively, if you are not computer literate;

  • Just walk into the cafe, go to the receptionist
  • Talk to him/her that your want to check your waec result
  • Then give him your waec reg number, pin, serial number, and examination year
  • In a few seconds or minutes, your result will be presented to you.

To Access WAEC Result Via SMS

To access your waec result using SMS. Just send a message to 32327 using this format.


Note! Make sure you have up to thirty-five (#35) in your phone as this may cost you such an amount from your airtime balance.

Some Common Mistakes Made By Candidates While Checking Their WAEC Results

1. Choosing a Wrong Exam Type: This is where you select the type of exam you sat for. In the drop-down box where you choose your exam type, there are two options viz school candidate and private candidate. Some people can’t differentiate between both of them.

A lot of candidates even say that school candidates are those that wrote theirs in a government school, while the private candidates are those that did theirs in private school, so funny! But that’s not correct.

Let’s clarify that to avoid confusion. WAEC has two major types of examination that we all know; WAEC and GCE. Those that registered for WAEC May/June exam are the school candidates, while those that registered for GCE are the private candidates.

However, please note that choosing the wrong exam type will not give you the desired result.

2. Choosing A Wrong Examination Year: When you do this, don’t be surprised that you will see the result but that may be another person’s result.  This is because two persons might share the same examination but the only difference may be the year of the exam.

Therefore, avoid this type of error while checking your waec result to avoid complaints in your result.

Do you have any problem checking your Waec result?

Follow this step to resolve any issue encountered while checking your result online.

  • Send an email to Online Support
  • Or call the following numbers for assistance: 01-9049320, 234-9062547247
  • Note that your complaint must contain the following: the error message displayed, exam type, year of exam, and examination number.

How Many Times Can I Use My Phone to check one Result?

You can use your phone to check your waec results as many times as you want. There is no limit to that. However, your pin can only be used for five (5) times. But, you can buy another pin if it finishes.

Can I Use My PIN To Check Another Person Result?

The answer is capital NO. You can only use one pin for one result.

For further inquiries, comments, or questions, go to the comment box below. But don’t forget to share this with your friends and loved ones.


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