How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel Free – 10 YouTube Monetization Guide Made Easy

Do you have a youtube channel? Are you wondering how to make money from youtube? Then worry no more as this article teaches you how to monetize your youtube channel. The Youtube monetization guide, lets you know how to make real cash from youtube without stress. Just relax your mind and read along as I show you all that is needed to make good money from your youtube channel in just a few minutes.

Video material is unquestionably more popular than it has ever been. In 2020 alone, people watched almost 12 billion minutes of video on the internet, and they want more. This is a great time for businesses and digital content creators to focus more on video content. Interestingly, with YouTube’s monetization features, you’re able to do just that.


However, in this article, we’ll define YouTube monetization, its rules and requirements, and how to monetize your YouTube channel videos.

What Is YouTube Monetization?

youtube monetization Guide

YouTube monetization simply means, the ability to make money from youtube videos. To do this, you must partner with youtube though that’s not the only way to earn money on youtube. However, to monetize your YouTube, you need to meet certain requirements and join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). This will now take us to Youtube monetization rules and requirements.

 YouTube Monetization Rules and Requirements

Monetizing your YouTube channel is as exciting as it sounds, but there are some caveats. While there are some prerequisites for YouTube monetization, the rewards are numerous.

Simply said, it all comes down to how well your videos perform once you’ve joined the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). The more people who view your work, the more money you can make. Let’s go over the various needs for starting to monetize your YouTube videos:


According to YouTube, to qualify for monetization, you must meet up with the following requirements below;

Apply to the YouTube Partner Program

First, apply to the YouTube for Partner Program (YPP).

It takes at least one month for YouTube to review applications before marking a decision. However, it may take longer than a month, mostly because YouTube has actual specialists reviewing each application.

The minimum eligibility requirements for joining the YPP are as follows:

Avoid copyright and monetization mistakes on YouTube

It’s important to adhere to YouTube’s copyright and monetization rules at all times. This means you should only upload videos that you have made or are authorized to use. This also extends to music or audio tracks, other copyrighted works, or videos created by others.

Consequently, if you’re caught violating any of the policies, you may be subject to face the following:

  • Suspension from the YouTube Partner Program
  • Removal of ads from your videos
  • Account suspension or termination

According to YouTube, if you breach any of their policies, you will be notified by email. They will also inform you of any options that are available to you. So, this will lead us to things to do if you get rejected by the youtube partner program.

What to do if you get rejected by the YouTube Partner Program

If your application is denied, YouTube will explain which policies your channel violated. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if this is the case. After 30 days, you can always reapply. This is where you’ll have to rely on your common sense once more. But, before you apply a second time, take advantage of this opportunity to improve your channel for easy approval.

If you believe there are videos that are in violation of the community guidelines, they most likely are, and you should make the necessary changes. Another common issue is videos with copyrighted content; you’ll need to remove those sections of your video and re-upload them.

Let us now look at how to monetize your youtube channel/youtube monetization guide.

Youtube Monetization Guidelines

How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel Free
How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel Free

To use your youtube channel to earn cool cash, follow these steps outlined below. The steps are made easy and simple for easy understanding.

You may be wondering how much money YouTubers actually make. While some of the top paid YouTube users earn millions of dollars from their videos, not every creator manages to make that much. In reality, for every 1,000 views on YouTube, the average channel earns roughly $18.

YouTube has changed how content creators make money online and on the platform.

Steps On How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel Free

Below are the top 10 ways to earn money from Youtube. Follow these steps and you are sure to earn cool money from youtube with little effort. the interesting thing is that you do the youtube monetization either on mobile or with your pc.

How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel Free
How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel Free

If you’re in the YouTube Partner Program, you may be able to earn money through; ads, super chats and super stickers, Channel membership, Youtube Premium, and Merch.

1. Youtube Ads

The most known way you can make money on YouTube is through ads that appear before or during your videos.  You can turn on ad monetization for individual or multiple videos on your channel if you’ve joined the YPP.

Keep in mind that in order to broadcast advertising, your films must adhere to YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines. You can choose from a variety of YouTube ad styles to customize where adverts appear on your videos.

2. Super Features: Super Chat, Super Stickers, Super Thanks

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube Livestream, you’ve probably noticed that certain chat messages stand out and are highlighted over others.

This is possible because YouTube allows producers to enable Super Chat on their live videos and premieres. Your audience can pay anywhere from $1 to $500 to have their message shown in a Livestream chat using this monetization option.

Super Stickers are similar to Super Chat in this regard.

Users can buy and distribute entertaining stickers instead of buying chat messages. These stickers are then pinned to the top of the chat stream to catch the attention of their favorite creator.

Finally, fans can express their gratitude to their favorite creators using the Super Thanks function. Users can get a prominent comment in the Livestream chat as well as an animated GIF by contributing a little sum.

Unlike Super Chats and Super Stickers, users can buy Super Thanks on any uploaded video, not just Livestreams and Premieres.

These are great features for digital creators or brands that create helpful and educational videos. Not only do these Super features generate some extra income, but it also allows your top fans to show their support and gratitude for your content.

3. Merchandise (Merch)

YouTube channels with 10,000 or more subscribers can sell products through a merch shelf on each video page. If you’ve established a strong brand community, you may generate additional cash by selling branded products to your YouTube subscribers.

4. Paid Sponsorship

Brands and businesses pay or sponsor a content producer to use, or demonstrate their product in a video through paid sponsorships. While brands contribute sponsorships to creators, it benefits both parties as well as the audience.

Sponsorships are hard to come by, but they can be highly beneficial. If you have a popular YouTube channel with large followers, you can approach relevant brands in your niche and ask them to collaborate on a video.

Show brands your previous work, YouTube analytics, and engagement rates to secure a sponsorship. Explain to them how you can provide value to their business with your content.

5. How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel  for Channel Membership

The cost of a YouTube channel membership is a monthly fee in exchange for unique benefits. Unique offers, such as product discounts, one-on-one live chats, or exclusive videos, can be made available to channel members.

Membership fees are set by the content creator, and channels need at least 1,000 subscribers to enable this feature.

6. How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel Free for Youtube Shorts Fund

YouTube will launch a $100 million fund for Shorts creators in May 2021. Over the years 2021-2022, this money will be awarded to YouTube Shorts creators on a monthly basis.

This implies that depending on the engagement and views on their Shorts videos, YouTubers can earn anything from $100 to $10,000 per month. And, because eligibility changes every month, if you don’t qualify one month, you might the next, or vice versa.

You don’t have to be a part of the YPP to receive a YouTube Shorts Fund, which is a significant benefit for filmmakers who don’t meet the YPP’s requirements. To qualify for a YouTube Shorts Bonus, creators must still complete certain qualifying standards.

7. How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel Through YouTube Premium revenue

If a YouTube Premium member watches your video, you get a portion of their subscription fee. (This one is automatic, which is nice.)

8. Affiliates

Affiliate programs are another option to monetize your YouTube videos.

So, how does this function in practice? When you join an affiliate marketing program, you use an affiliate link to direct your audience to a brand’s product or landing page. If the user makes a successful purchase, you will receive a commission.

While affiliate programs aren’t as profitable as paid sponsorships, they do provide additional income. You can become an affiliate for things you currently use and even provide a discount code to your followers.

9. Youtube Brandconnect

YouTube BrandConnect works with YouTube producers to connect them with Brands for video campaigns. When it comes to product recommendations, viewers trust creators. And, certainly, BrandConnect can connect YouTube channels with brands for collaboration.

Only the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have access to this service at this time.

10. Patronage

If you have a dedicated following, a third-party site like Patreon allows digital creators, artists, writers, and companies to reward patrons who support their channel and content with exclusive incentives.

Like a YouTube channel membership, Patreon is popular with YouTube creators and brands. With tiered membership, however, you can choose different advantages to offer customers based on their number of subscribers.

Exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes films or privileges like early access and one-on-one time, should be made available.

Conclusion – How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel Free

Earning money on YouTube or receiving Shorts bonuses are a great way to be rewarded for good, engaging content on the platform. Therefore, having gone through How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel – YouTube Monetization Guide. It is our belief that you can comfortably monetize your youtube channel with ease.

However, for your comment, contributions, or inquiry concerning How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel – YouTube Monetization Guide, don’t hesitate to reach us through the comment section below.

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