How To Search For Trending Topics On Google-Top Trending Google Searches

When it comes to finding out what’s trending online, you might start with Twitter. This is arguably the best social media platform for breaking news and trending content. However, there are so many other ways you can also do that. Incorporating trending topics into your editorial and social media calendar is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience. Here are How To Search For Trending Topics On Google-Top Trending Google Searches.

Not everything you publish has to be related to a current event. However, strategically using trending topics will allow you to ride waves of demand on both search and social platforms. It’s easier to find out what’s trending by using some of the platforms listed below.

Here are the best sources to help you find out what’s trending both on search engines and social media platforms.

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How To Search For Trending Topics On Google

To search for Top Trending Google Searches, you can use the following methods. By using these platforms, you are sure to get everything you want in just a few minutes.

Here are the best sources to help you find out what’s trending around the globe.

By using Google Trend

How To search for trending topics on google

Google Trends is the gold best model when it comes to identifying trending search topics in your industry.

It tracks global search trends and offers a wealth of data broken down by date range, geo-location, category, search type, and other factors.

Google Trends’ incorporation into Google Search is one of the more recent advancements in the last few years. Google has evolved into a destination for searching for information and reading the most recent trending stories based on your interests.

It monitors global search trends and provides a wealth of data organized by date range, geo-location, category, and search type (for example, web search).

Top Google trending searches

How To Search For Trending Topics On Google With BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a great source of social news and entertainment. BuzzFeed, while not the New York Times, shows what’s going on in the popular culture. Content is organized into sections ranging from Style to Books, and the trending section displays the most popular posts.

Here are How To Search For Trending Topics On Google Using Exploding Topics

This tool is useful for business owners, investors, or anyone looking for trending business ideas, categories, or companies. So, you can use find Top Trending Google Searches.

Because Exploding Topics does not provide as much context as other trending topic tools, you must either subscribe to their newsletter or use this tool in conjunction with other tools to fully understand the trend.

How To Search For Trending Topics On Google With BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an excellent resource for locating trending topics and key influencers. To conduct a search, simply enter a topic, keyword, or domain. Your results are filtered based on the total number of shares across various social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.

While you can read an individual article by clicking on a link, you can often get a sense of popular sentiment by simply scanning the headlines returned by your search.

Using SparkToro Trending

Sparktoro stepped in to fill an important void left by the demise of

Sparktoro Trending brings you the most recent marketing, SEO, and technology articles.

It identifies these trends based on the number of social shares generated by members who have connected to the tool along with other means.

How To Search For Trending Topics On Google using Feedly

Once you’ve recognized the most important publications or news sources that your target audience reads, this tool is one of the best for aggregating the most recent stories in one location.

Feedly is a powerful tool for identifying trending topics and staying current in your industry by displaying the most recent stories published from your curated list.

More so, it also has some useful paid features, such as the ability to subscribe to newsletters, Twitter, or Google News feeds. Alternatively, use its AI-powered bot, which searches the web for specific topics.

Go To provides a comprehensive but easy-to-understand format for learning about new topics in a variety of industries. The Trends newsletter deconstructs a topic by addressing:

  1. Why it is significant.
  2. What is the issue that has caused the trend?
  3. The answer.
  4. The major players in the market.
  5. Predictions.
  6. Opportunities.
  7. Important takeaways.
  8. Dislikers (or opposing viewpoints of the trend).
  9. Additional resources to delve deeper into the subject.

If you want more in-depth research on each topic, there are several paid features and ways to collaborate with other members of the Trends community.

This trending topic tool does the best job of providing context, resources, and sufficient background to comprehend more complex topics.

Top Google searches Using FrontPageMetrics

Almost every topic is covered in a Reddit thread. can help you figure out which subreddits are growing the most on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

There are plenty of rabbit holes to help inspire your content roadmap with over 3 million tracked subreddits.

Podcast Notes

Podcasts is an absolute star when it comes to identifying trending topics. It is a $1 billion industry that is expected to grow by 10% per year. This is a fantastic opportunity to identify hot topics for your clients or organization.

Unfortunately, podcasts require a significant amount of time and concentration to digest the content and are not suitable for everyone.

Podcast Notes addresses the issue of identifying the key takeaways from individual podcasts in a concise newsletter format.

Notwithstanding, if you don’t have time to listen to 10+ podcasts per week, its News will do the heavy lifting for you in the areas of fitness, nutrition, startups, technology, finance, crypto, and lifestyle.

Using Quora

Quora provides personalized information feeds to its members while encouraging them to answer questions in their areas of expertise. The mission of the company is to “share and grow the world’s knowledge” by building a massive database of questions and answers.

You can view some of the most popular Quora content by browsing the Top Stories feed on your home page. You can also search for specific keyword phrases and view the most popular content (based on “upvotes,” comments, and shares).


This tool is known as Google Alerts for Google Trends. One of the challenges with Google Trends is that there hasn’t always been an easy way to subscribe to a specific topic.

Although Google Trends now provides this functionality, there are third-party solutions such as Treendly that aim to provide a better user experience and source from a wider range of sources than Google Trends.

Using Publications’ Editorial Calendars

Publications’ editorial calendars, like conference agendas, are frequently designed based on seasonal search trends that will resonate with their audience.

Use publication editorial calendars to inspire or find trends that you know will peak during seasonal or cultural moments as you build your content calendar for next year.

Using Trendwatchers To Find Trending Topics

Trendwatchers, like some of the previous trending topic tools, allow you to follow trends based on a category or keyword.

Trendwatchers’ one-of-a-kind feature is that it combines trend data with ‘blog topic generator’ functionality.

This enables a user to determine which topics are trending and then apply them.

Using Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management system that includes features such as engagement, publishing, analytics, monitoring, collaboration, CRM, helpdesk, and mobile.

Sprout Social, unlike some of the other tools on this list, requires a paid subscription, but it provides real-time brand monitoring, publishing, scheduling, and drafting, as well as comprehensive reporting and analytics.

How To Search For Trending Topics On Google using Conference Agendas

One of the best places to find trending topics in your industry is to attend conference keynote and breakout sessions.

The majority of conference sessions are led by niche subject matter experts, who are frequently the influencers who bring to light new or trending topics.


This is one of the most prominent trend data providers.

Trendhunter is a media brand that provides free trend data (in the form of articles) as well as custom research, books, public speaking services, events, and more.

Using Product Hunt Topics

Product Hunt showcases the most recent new (mostly digital) products from a variety of industries, and anyone can submit their own.

The PH community then upvotes and reviews them, determining how high a product ranks on the site.

Topics on Product Hunt allow you to subscribe to a specific category of product releases, such as productivity, developer tools, AI, UX, marketing, design, and IoT, to name a few.

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