How To Use Canva App With Ease-Step by Step Approach

Need to create a stunning design on the go! Then canva app comes to mind. This how-to-use canva app with ease-step by step approach is here to teach all you need to know about canva app in less than 10 minutes. whether you are a beginner or you have been using canva app. This tutorial will be of great help to you.

Do you want an easy way to make great graphics? Then you should learn Canva for beginners!

What is Canva App?

How To Use Canva App Free with Ease
How To Use Canva App Free with Ease

Canva is a web-based design tool that makes it simple to create beautiful images. It is a free online graphical tool that combines design, photo-editing, and layout to assist teachers and students in creating visually appealing projects.

Canva allows for image editing and project-based learning using a simple drag-and-drop interface that works well.

Canva is optimized for Chromebooks, so even the most intensive image-based projects can be handled smoothly on most machines.

With over 250,000 templates available, getting started and progressing through a topic is simple, even for those new to the platform. Stock photos, videos, and graphics are also available, with hundreds of thousands of options. All of those figures increase if you pay.


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Why Should I Use Canva? Benefits Of Using Canva App

This is one of the questions that most beginners ask. However, it is important we show you some of the benefits of using Canva.

Canva is a cloud-based image editing software that you should be familiar with if you’re new to it. Its strength lies in its user-friendly, drag-and-drop templates, which allow you to create professional images even if you have no experience with graphic design.

To use it, you must first create an account. However, the good news is that the free account includes more than enough features to get you started. After you’ve used it for a while, you might want to think about upgrading to Canva Pro.

While the software is best suited for use on a desktop, it also has canva app for both Android and iOS. We’ll go over how to use everything the app has to offer in this guide.

Some of the benefits of canva app include the following:

  1. Pre-sized social media images.
  2. Designer-type templates get your graphics started.
  3. Lots of size and shape options.
  4. Search for stock images and pay a small fee to use – or use the free stuff.
  5. Save your images to edit or download later.
  6. Easy to make multiple, similar graphics from a template.

Does it sound useful? Read through how to use canva app with ease to get the full benefits.

How does Canva work?

Canva is simple to sign up for, requiring only an email address, a Google account, or a Facebook account. Once you’ve created a free account, you can choose whether you want to use it as a teacher, student, or something else. This will personalize the experience for you, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

How To Use Canva App-Step by Step Approach

Teaching Students How To Use Canva App With Ease-Step by Step Approach can be the focus of a lesson aimed at broadening their digital skills. However, because this is so simple to use, it will most likely take very little time.

To use canva app, follow the steps below. it is easy and very simple!

  1. Go to it’s your first time, you’ll have to set up an account
  2. To select size and shape
  3. Click the ‘create a design’ button in the top right corner. You can choose between ‘custom dimensions’ and a variety of pre-selected sizes. Interestingly, Canva makes it simple to get started with your design by including templates for the best sizes on various social media platforms, like a Pinterest image, a Twitter post, a Facebook post, or more.
How To Use Canva App
How To Use Canva App


  1. Set Your background. You can go with a plain color or a pattern. There are abstract images as well as photographs to choose from. You can also choose a photo to use as the background. This includes any images you uploaded.
How to us canva app
How To Use Canva App
  1. Add Your text: Go to the left-hand menu and select ‘text’ to create a simple text box. Alternatively, some font combinations and effects. To begin, select a font combination idea. Enter the quote that you want to use. Choose the one you want, then use the round dots in each corner to enlarge it. Little purple lines will appear to assist you in placing it in the center.
  2. Add Your Name or URL: Select a text box and drag it to the bottom of the graphic to add your URL or blog name.
  3. Finish and Save: Give your quote a name so you can find it on your computer. It will usually default to the words on the screen or ‘untitled. Then click the ‘download’ button to get it. Choose your preferred format.
How To Use Canva App
How To Use Canva App

Now, your quote is now available for use!

How To Use Canva App On Android And iOS

If you prefer to use a smartphone rather than a desktop computer, that’s fine; Canva has an app for that. Just follow the steps below. It’s very easy, simple and fast.

  • You click here to enter your phone number and they’ll text you a link to download the app
  • Once you have the app, either login to your account, or sign up for one
  • Then you’ll see a range of options. Pick a type of image or even jump straight into a template
  • Here you can change colors, add filters, and move elements around.
  • You can even choose to include a photo from your camera roll. Alternatively, you can use one of the Canva templates.
  • Click on Done. Then you can add or remove elements as you see fit.
  • Finally, you can download it. Or upload it to a cloud storage device and use it how you want later.

Was that simple? Yes, very simple and fast!

How to use Canva for free

When you first begin using Canva, you may not want to pay for it right away.

That’s fine; you can learn how to use Canva for free and try out a variety of their features.

With a free Canva plan you can:

  • Import images you have the rights to use and add them to designs
  • Use their free elements, stock photos, and fonts
  • Create custom dimension graphics
  • Export in a range of file types including PDF and JPEG
  • Share view or edit access with your team

 Best Canva features

How to use canva
How to use canva app  -step by step approach

Below are the best features that make canva app worth using.

  1. Font pairing made easy
  2. Play with filters
  3. Use the live camera feature
  4. Batch your work
  5. Experiment with graphics and icons
  6. Use Siri to search images

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