Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS For International Students 2023/2024 – Fully Funded

Are you aware that there are Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS For International Students that you can apply for? Yes, there are alot of them accepting applications now. Therefore, read through this post to apply for those ones of your choice.

Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS Test

Hungary is a popular European country with numerous Scholarship opportunities. A fully funded scholarship will allow you to study in Hungary.

The Hungary Scholarships for International Students provide you with an exceptional opportunity to obtain a highly competitive degree as well as a one-of-a-kind international experience.

Hungary University Scholarships are available for Bachelors, Masters, PhD, and Doctoral programs. Interestingly, the government of Hungary provides fully funded scholarships to international students.

Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS

Below are scholarships to study in Hungary without taking the IELTS test. Hungary does not require an IELTS score.

Hungary has over 5,000 scholarships available. Most universities in Hungary do not charge application fees for admissions and scholarships. Therefore, please gather all of your required application documents for the Scholarship, such as Recommendation Letter Application, Personal Statement, and Motivation Letter, before applying.

More so, Hungary is significantly cheaper than other European countries.

In Hungary, you can study abroad on fully funded scholarships. In this post, we will inform you about Hungary Scholarships in 2022 in Hungary universities, as well as the Hungary Government Scholarship program. The government of Hungary fully supports international students.

The Hungary Scholarships for International Students Without IELTS in 2022 are detailed below.

Details About Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS for International Students

  • Study in: Hungary
  • Scholarship Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • Scholarship Coverage: Fully Funded

Scholarships in Hungary Without IELTS 2022-23

The Hungary Scholarship allows undergraduate, one-tier master’s degree, graduate degree, and postgraduate students to complete their education for free.

Financial Aid & Benefits Of Fully Funded Hungary Scholarships

  • Tuition is paid in full for BS, MS, and PhD degrees.
  • A Monthly Salary/stipend
  • Full lodging/accomodations will be provided. OR, in the event of incapacity, a monthly payment of HUF 40,000 covers the costs of accommodation for the entire calendar year.
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • A round-trip air ticket may finance your travel costs to Hungary, but it is not required by your country’s sending authority.

List of Hungary Government scholarships for International Students 

Below are the list of the scholarships offered by Hungary government to international students: Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS For International Students.

  1. Stipendium Hungaricum
  2. Bilateral State Scholarships
  3. Erasmus+
  4. Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship
  6. EEA Grants Scholarships

#1. Hungarian Government Scholarship (Stipendium Hungaricum)

Study in Hungary Without IELTS Test
Scholarships in Hungary

This scholarship is known as the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship. It is Hungary’s government fully-funded scholarship program for international students.

The scholarship awards 5,000 scholarships for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs each. Importantly, the scholarship does not request an IELTS certificate from applicants.

  • For more details about stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship, click here.

#2. CEEPUS Scholarship in Hungary: Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS

CEEPUS Scholarship Program is yet another top scholarship program in Hungary. The scholarship is available at Central European University in Hungary. However, it is available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees.

#3. Erasmus+ Program

Scholarships in Hungary Without IELTS Test for International students

This is a well-known European scholarship program. The scholarship enable pursue a Master’s Degree Program. This Scholarship Program covers all expenses, including tuition fee, accommodation, etc.

However, to apply for this Scholarship, you must first apply for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and select Hungary as a country if you want to study in Hungary on an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.

You can also apply for the following scholarships:

Columbia College Scholarships USA for International Students

Clark University Scholarships USA for International Students-Fully Funded

University of Manitoba Graduate Scholarships for International Students

Oxford University Rhodes Scholarships 2023 For International Students

4#. Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship

The Hungary Diaspora Scholarship allows you to learn more about Hungarian ancestors. You can learn about the thousand-year-old Hungarian history and culture while studying in Hungary. As a Diaspora Scholar, you can earn an internationally recognized degree from a top-tier Hungarian higher education institution while also gaining highly competitive knowledge to help you advance both personally and academically.

You can select from a wide range of Hungarian-taught programs covering all higher education fields at all degree levels.

  • Read more about Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship here.

#5. Bilateral State Scholarships

This Bilateral state scholarships are based on bilateral agreements between two governments for scientific and educational cooperation.

Similarly to the foreign partner, the Hungarian side provides scholarships for foreign students, researchers, or lecturers in higher education institutions, as well as scientific and artistic institutions. Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS For International Students.

Each foreign partner has a national scholarship office that is in charge of nominating potential outgoing scholars to foreign partner(s) as well as organizing their and potential incoming foreign applicants’ application processes.

  • Read more about the bilateral state scholarships here.

List of Scholarships offered by Hungary Universities to International Students

Here are the major scholarships offered by Hungary Universities:

#1. University of Debrecen

This scholarship  offered by the University of Debrecen in Hungary to deserving international students in Hungary. The University of Debrecen is Hungary’s most prestigious Institute of higher learning.

These Scholarships are available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degree programs in all academic fields of study.

#2. Central European University Scholarships in Hungary

The CEU is Hungary’s top-ranked university. Here, you can apply for the Fully Funded CEU Bachelors Scholarships, CEU Masters Degree Scholarships, and CEU Doctoral Degree Scholarships. Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS For International Students.

The CEU offers the Most Generous, Highly Prestigious, and Accessible Scholarship Schemes. This scholarship is open to candidates from any country. Secondly, these Central European University scholarships in Hungary covers all expenses.

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#3. University of Pecs Scholarships in Hungary

The University of Pecs is currently accepting applications for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Degree Programs. Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS For International Students

The University of Pecs currently offers 31 Bachelor’s degrees, 29 Master’s degrees, 8 One-tier Master’s degrees, and 15 Doctoral degrees in Business and Economics, Natural Sciences, Medical & Health Sciences, Human & Social Sciences, Arts, and Engineering.

List of Universities Scholarships in Hungary Without IELTS

A number of universities in Hungary do not require you to take English language tests. Let’s dive right into the list of Hungary universities that don’t require IELTS. Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS For International Students.

  1. University of Debrecen
  2. University of Pécs
  3. Central European University
  4. University of West Hungary
  5. Óbuda University
  6. Semmelweis University
  7. University of Miskolc
  8. Szent István University
  9. University of Szeged
  10. Pázmány Péter Catholic University
  11. Budapest University of Technology and Economics

You can choose to study in of the above Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS For International Students today. Just apply to any of them now.

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