Jason Lang Scholarship Program 2023: Application Guideline

Jason Lang Scholarship Program 2023 application is on. If you are interested in the scholarship, here are things you need to know before applying. To be successful in the scholarship you kneed to know the following: eligibility criteria, application guidelines, the best time to apply, and the required documents for the application.

Jason Lang scholarship program 2023
Jason Lang scholarship program Students

What You Need to Know About Jason Lang Scholarship program 2023

The Jason Lang scholarship program valued at $1,000 each, recognizes and rewards Alberta post-secondary students for their academic achievements and encourages them to continue in their undergraduate or professional program of study in Canada.

This scholarship program is funded by the Alberta government through Alberta Advanced Education and administered by the University of Alberta in collaboration with Alberta Student Aid.

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The Jason Lang scholarship recognizes the outstanding academic achievement of students continuing full-time studies in Alberta post-secondary. More so, the scholarship doesn’t just stop at recognition but also rewards such efforts made by the students by giving scholarship awards to students, hence encouraging them to continue in their undergraduate or professional program of study.

The Jason Lang Scholarship is offered by Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund, and the average amount offered varies per program.

Note: The Jason Lang Scholarships were established in memory of Jason Lang. Late Jason Lang was a 17-year-old high school student killed in a shooting in Alberta Canada.

Study Level/Field

This Jason Lang scholarship is available to freshmen undergraduates in Canada to study at any school of their choice. But, because the number of scholarships available is limited, the Foundation is unable to provide awards to all qualified candidates.

Host Nationality and Institution

Jason Lang’s scholarship is to be taken in colleges and universities in Canada.

Eligibility Nationality

The Jason Lang scholarship is open to Canadian citizens or Canadian Permanent Residents.

Jason Lang Benefits of scholarship

  • Jason Lang Scholarships are valued at $1,000 each,
  • It recognizes and rewards outstanding academic achievement of Alberta post-secondary students and
  • Encourages them to continue in their undergraduate or professional program of study.

Jason Lang Scholarship Application Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Jason Lang Scholarships, Applicants must:

  • You must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or a protected person (visa students are not eligible),
  • Be an Alberta resident, and one of the following conditions must apply to be considered an Alberta resident:
    • One parent or legal guardian must have had permanent residence in Canada for at least 12 months prior to beginning post-secondary studies and be a resident of Alberta, or
    • Alberta is the last place the student lived for 12 consecutive months before beginning post-secondary studies, or
    • Prior to attending post-secondary, the student’s spouse/partner must have lived in Alberta for 12 consecutive months.
  • Be enrolled full-time in the second or subsequent year of an undergraduate program at an Alberta public post-secondary institution,
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale in the previous fall and winter terms based on an 80% full course load.

Note: A term is defined as a study period lasting up to 17 weeks. Co-op work terms, internships, and exchange programs may be eligible if they are a required component of the undergraduate or professional program.

However, students cannot be considered for a Jason Lang Scholarship if they:

  • Are in a one-year certificate program,
  • Do not return to a publicly funded post-secondary institution in the next academic year’s fall or winter terms.
  • Are Louise McKinney Scholarship recipient for the same period of study, or
  • Have received a total of three Jason Lang Scholarships in my lifetime.

Note: Nominees must be enrolled in one of Alberta’s eligible public post-secondary schools (including publicly-funded colleges, technical institutes, universities, and private colleges accredited to grant degrees).

How to Apply for the Jason Lang scholarship program

To apply for the scholarship, follow the application guidelines below:

  • Submit your completed application form to the Student Awards Office at your educational institution.
  • Application for this scholarship program can also be done online using the Student Awards application form: Apply here.
  • Applicants can also access the scholarship award application form via Bear Tracks.

Application Deadlines

  • Application Open: July 15 (annually)
  • Fall Application Deadline: September 15 (annual)
  • Winter Application Deadline: January 15 (annual).


Applicants will be notified by Student Financial Support approximately one month after the competition closing date as to whether or not they have been nominated.

Selection Process

Students who meet the eligibility criteria are nominated by the Student Awards Office at their current Alberta post-secondary institution. If the student transferred from another publicly funded post-secondary institution, the current institution will confirm the eligibility criteria from the previous year.

Many other organizations provide scholarships and awards, and we encourage you to visit the websites of Alberta’s public universities and colleges to learn more about the scholarships they provide.

FAQs about the Jason Lang scholarship program

Below are some

What is the Jason Lang Scholarship program?

The Jason Lang Scholarship program is a scholarship program for Alberta students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and community service. The scholarship is named after Jason Lang, a student who was killed in a school shooting in 1999.

Who is eligible for the Jason Lang Scholarship?

To be eligible for the Jason Lang Scholarship, a student must be an Alberta resident and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. They must be enrolled in a full-time post-secondary program and have a minimum GPA of 3.2 in their most recent academic year.

How much money does the Jason Lang Scholarship award?

The Jason Lang Scholarship awards $1,000 to recipients.

How do I apply for the Jason Lang Scholarship?

Students do not need to apply for the Jason Lang Scholarship. Recipients are selected based on their academic achievement and community service and are chosen by their post-secondary institution.

How many Jason Lang Scholarships are awarded each year?

The number of Jason Lang Scholarships awarded each year varies, as it is based on the number of eligible recipients at each post-secondary institution.

When are the Jason Lang Scholarship recipients announced?

Jason Lang Scholarship recipients are typically announced in the spring or early summer, following the academic year in which they were eligible for the scholarship.

Can I receive the Jason Lang Scholarship more than once?

No, students may only receive the Jason Lang Scholarship once.

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