NPC Census Recruitment: How To Apply and Application Requirements

NPC census recruitment: National Population Commission, NPC Launches e-Recruitment Portal for 2023 Census, Expects 25m Applications. The census board has opened an e-recruitment portal for the 2022/2023 census. Here are the application processes and requirements.

The National Population Commission (NPC) officially launched its e-Recruitment portal yesterday to recruit ad hoc staff for the proposed 2023 census.

NPC Census Recruitment
NPC Census Recruitment

The commission also stated that it expected at least 25 million applications from Nigerians for open positions.

NPC Census Recruitment

Census Manager, Inunwa Jalingo, stated this in Abuja while speaking to journalists, adding that the process must be competitive, reliable, and transparent.

“The Commission adopts e-Recruitment portal to recruit ad-hoc staff for the 2023 Population and Housing Census. This portal has been tested during Pretest and Trial Census and has been greatly improved to serve different categories of ad-hoc staff,” Jalingo explained.

He stated that facilitators, training center administrators, monitoring and evaluation officers, data quality managers, data quality assistants, supervisors, enumerators, and special workforce would be recruited.

He further explained that the basic requirements for the application, were, National Identification Number Valid and Functional Gmail Account, a Valid and Functional Phone Number, a Valid and Functional /Operational Commercial Bank Account (No student/NYSC Account) Valid Educational Qualifications, referees “access to and knowledge on the use of computers, tablets & smartphones is an added advantage.”

Chairman of the National Population Commission, Nasir Isa-Kwarra, who also spoke at the briefing, noted that, most of the personnel for the exercise would be drawn from the communities where they were resident.

“This will remove the huge logistics of moving personnel across the country. Consequently, every community will have the opportunity of contributing to the census workforce thereby ensuring that the people are adequately counted,” he said.

According to Isa-Kwarra, the recruitment process would reflect the quality of data collected and, ultimately, the success of the 2023 census.

NPC E-Recruitment Portal Open For Trial Census

In preparation for the upcoming Trial Census in all states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, the National Population Commission has launched an e-recruitment portal.

The Chairman of the NPC, Hon. Nasir Isa Kwarra, stated that e-recruitment became necessary to ensure fairness and transparency in the Trial Census recruitment process while declaring open the Trial Census recruitment platform at the Commission’s headquarters in Abuja.

“The need for fairness and transparency in the recruitment process has led the Commission to introduce the e-recruitment process and train the officers who will supervise this important census recruitment process,” he said.

Hon. Kwarra stated that the quality of the recruitment process will reflect on the quality of the final product.

“The launch of the E-recruitment portal at the headquarters marks the beginning of the online recruitment process in which Nigerians of all demography and gender can hook onto the website that the Commission will provide to fill out the online form and get themselves registered to be recruited,” he added.

Dr. Inuwa Jalingo, the Census Manager, stated during his remarks that the e-recruitment portal will first be opened to applicants residing in the six selected LGAs from the six selected States in Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones where the population will be fully enumerated, in order to test and assess the workability of the recruitment process.

He also stated that the portal will be opened to the public later on.

Dr. Jalingo, on the other hand, stated that the e-recruitment portal is geo-fenced, and applicants must reside in the designated LGAs in order to apply for the Trial Census exercise.

Six Selected LGAs and States for Full Population Enumeration – NPC Census Recruitment

Meanwhile, the six selected LGAs and States for full population enumeration are as follows:

  1. Brass LGA (Bayelsa State) – South-South zone
  2. Idemili South LGA (Anambra State) – Southeast zone
  3. Imeko-Àfon LGA (Ogun State) – Southwest zone
  4. Tongo LGA (Adamawa State) – Northeast zone
  5. Karu LGA (Nasarawa State) – Northcentral zone
  6. Daura LGA (Katsina State) – Northwest zone

The Trial Census will cover a total of 7,718 Enumeration Areas across thirty-six states and the Federal Capital Territory. Six LGAs from six States in the six geopolitical zones have been chosen for full population enumeration, while forty-five (45) EAs covering three Senatorial districts and nine LGAs from each of the thirty-one states and the FCT have been chosen for the Trial Census.

Application requirements for NPC Census Recruitment

As the National Population Commission (NPC) begins the e-recruitment of ad hoc staff, applicants must meet certain requirements in order to apply for the job.

According to the Census Manager, Inuwa Jalingo, in Abuja on Monday, the NPC wants to recruit 25 million ad hoc workers for the 2023 population census.

However, Jalingo stated that the process must be competitive, reliable, and transparent, so the following are the specific requirements that prospective employees must meet before accessing the NPC portal.

The prospective NPC ad-hoc staff must have the following as listed below:

1.  valid National Identification Number (NIN)

The unique NIN number is assigned by NIMC after enrollment and is valid for life. It is used during verification and authentication to match one’s biometric data and other details in the National Identity Database, so a candidate who does not have his/her NIN number cannot enroll.

2. A functional Gmail Account – NPC Census Recruitment 

With a functional Gmail account, such a candidate will be able to receive important messages.

3. A valid and functional phone number

When a candidate does not have a functional phone number, it is difficult to reach or call that candidate.

4. An Operational Commercial Bank Account (No student/NYSC Account)

This means that such a candidate should not have a student or NYSC account; whatever account is provided must not be one of these two.

5. Valid Educational Qualifications

Educational qualifications are the official confirmation, usually in the form of a certificate, diploma, or degree, certifying the successful completion of an education program or a stage of a program, so a candidate must have certificates such as a Secondary diploma, high school diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or Doctorate degree.

6. must be knowledgeable on how to use computers, tablets, and smartphones

As the applicant will be working with computers to generate, store, and process data, he or she must be computer literate.

How To Apply For The NPC Census Recruitment 2022/2023

To apply follow the step below:

  • log in to the application website
  • Click on “start application
  • Tap on start as ad-hoc staff
  • Select all the boxes and tap proceed
  • When it opens, tap on the box and click proceed
  • Then, enter your NIN and click proceed
  • Fill the form completely and correctly, and capture your face in a well-lighted place,
  • Cross-check your information for correctness
  • click submit

However, keep tabs with us for updates on the 2022/2023 NPC census recruitment and other relevant information.

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