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Rutherford Scholarship for International Students: Application Guidelines and Requirements

Some concerned individuals have come up with some initiatives and support to make the global education sector easy and affordable within their country, one of these support is a scholarship opportunity offered by some concerned individuals to financially assist students who reside within and outside their country.

Rutherford Scholarship Application 2023-Apply Here!
Rutherford Scholarship Application 2023-Apply Here!

These supportive measures tend to improve the academic sector of the world at large. Hence, the Rutherford scholarship for international students is one of the supportive programs annually given to students in Canada.

Pay attention as we shall be discussing in detail everything you need to know about the program in a very
short time.

We will let you know what is Rutherford Scholarship for international students, its requirements, and the procedures for applying.

What is Rutherford Scholarship for International Students?

Rutherford scholarship for international students as the name implies was inaugurated and named some years ago after Alexander Rutherford.

This scholarship was named in honor of Alexander Rutherford, who was Alberta’s first Premier and Minister of Education. He was known for his strong support of public education, particularly the University of Alberta, and his active involvement in community matters.

More so, he was also known for his good impact on community service and public input in the education sector, especially at Alberta university in Canada.

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This financial assistance program was named after him as a reward for his great impact on the public education sector. Since the existence of the Rutherford scholarship, many Canadian students have benefited so much from the scholarship program.

However, this scholarship is only available to Canadian high school students with good academic performances and qualifications and must also demonstrate financial need.

Rutherford Scholarship Value

The scholarship is valued up to $2,500

Requirements For Rutherford Scholarships Application

The followings are the requirements and qualifications every student applying for Rutherford Scholarship for international students must obtain to be accepted in the scholarship program.

  • The candidate who wishes to apply for Rutherford Scholarship for International Students must apply as a high school graduate and must have completed high school on or after September 30, 1980.
  • Only Canadian or students who have lived in the country for a long time under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act can apply for Rutherford Scholarship. Note: Visa students are not accepted in the scholarship program.
  • Candidate must be admitted to a post-secondary or must be one who is currently pursuing an apprenticeship program for at least one semester or more in order to be fitted for the scholarship program.
  • Candidate must be a confirmed Alberta resident; the parent or guardian must have lived for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the applicant pursuing a program of study, an applicant cannot receive a scholarship of any grade except the applicant or parent(s)/guarding were residents in Alberta during the whole of that grade.
  • All applicants must provide an official transcript of the high school he or they attended.
  • Applicant must have obtained a numeric grade to apply for Rutherford International Student Scholarship.
  • It is necessary for all students who wished to apply for the scholarship program to obtain Alberta Student Number.
  • It is compulsory for all applicant who is applying for the Rutherford scholarship to apply only once. Note: previous winners are not accepted again for the scholarship program.
  • All Students applying for the scholarship program must have a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number. Note: No applicant is accepted with a temporary Social Insurance Number.
  • Candidates can also apply with Green Certificate Courses since they are courses offered by grade 12 students.
  • Optional Courses like IB courses are also accepted in the scholarship program.

Benefit and Value of Rutherford Scholarship for International Students

Rutherford Scholarship Application 2023
Rutherford Scholarship Application 2023-Apply Here!
  1. This scholarship program helps in easing off many financial burdens for the student.
  2. Rutherford Scholarship worth is $2500 in monetary value according to the information from the scholarship portal.
  3. The scholarship award given to each student differs from another and is
    awarded according to their grades and academic performances.

Application Process

  • The followings are stages every candidate must follow carefully;
    Candidate should create an account on Alberta Student Aid Portal.
  • Log in to the portal and select the Rutherford Scholarship program.
  • Fill in personal information like names, phone number, email address, etc, and upload the needed documents.
  • Submit the application form on the portal after filling in the necessary information.
  • At this stage, the scholarship board will verify your high school transcript and also view your application.
  • You will receive mail on your registered email address from the scholarship board, a template will be provided so that you can confirm your enrollment using your school signature.
  • Print out the attachment and send it to your post-secondary school or internship program for the signature required.
  • After your school must have signed the document, send it back to the scholarship committee board for approval.
  • You will receive a cheque from the scholarship committee board for enrollment confirmation.

How to Apply for the Rutherford scholarships

Submitting Your Application for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, follow the steps below:

To access the Alberta Student Aid system, you must first create a personal account and have a verified MyAlberta Digital ID.

The application Instructions can be found here: How to apply

Student Aid recommends that you apply when:

  • You will pursue full-time postsecondary studies between August 1, 2022, and July 31, 2023.
  • Your official high school transcripts are now available.
  • You have completed any high school upgrading credit courses you are taking – because you can only apply once, and you will want to submit your best grades.

Please keep in mind that your high school upgrading credit courses must appear on an official Alberta High School Transcript of Achievement.

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